The Best Designs Dark Skin Tattoos On White Color

Dark Skin Tattoos – The best designs white tattoo on dark skin. We show several drawings with this new trend that is sweeping among women worldwide.

 As we have said before in relation to tattoos, this world has its own fashions and lots of different styles, as we can find from Harley Davidson bikers in up in private schools, however this time we will talk about a style created especially for women today can already be found everywhere, and are white ink drawings.

Its discretion, delicacy and femininity has made millions of adepts around the globe so far had not dared to get a tattoo for fear it was too showy, or cannot show it at work, etc.

And among the most popular designs you can find in our extensive photo gallery, are small designs for hand, flowers, hearts, phrases or pictures ethnic style of the most exotic areas like the arms, wrists, shoulders or even the neck or lower back.

However, despite its beauty is necessary to know some drawbacks that can lead this style of dark skin tattoos before embarking on the preferred design.

The first fundamental is that the white ink may contain substances such as titanium oxide, barium sulfate, lead carbonate or zinc oxide, which can lead to unexpected allergies, so you should make a test on a small area before start with the design.

This type of ink is usually thicker than the black, so it may result in a slight elevation or relief on the tattooed area, which cannot be too aesthetic as the chosen design.

White ink is recommended primarily for white fur, as highlighted much more than dark skin, where the result after several layers usually translucent or freckled skin, which appears flawed.

This type of tattoos can also come to fade if drawn in a sun-exposed area, so it should always be protected with sunscreen of SPF 50, and even some people need repeated the tattoo after a while; however when deleting show much more difficulty than normal.

You know the whole truth about this type of dark skin tattoos with white ink, so in addition to these minor inconveniences, you keep in mind the tips before tattooed and decides whether you deserve it or not worth it because it can be a decision for the rest of your life.