Tattoos on the Wrist for Men and Women

small tattoos for wrist

¬†and as men usually have the tattoo’s ink, the size is greater to women and although it is rare to find men with tattoos on the wrist only, we find many phrases or names tattooed.

Women love tattooed wrists, often can find like infinity symbol tattoos, heart tattoos on the wrist, small musical notes, moons, etc. The only requirement that women get the tattoo is not too big nor with many details, or color.

Music note tattoo on wrist

Music lovers have a great love for music notes tattoo, especially if we talk about small tattoos on the wrist. It is part of the ideal tattoo photo as the body. If you are interested in tattoo of musical notes do not let you enter the post that is marked with links where you will find various designs and ideas of musical notes tattoos.

Anchor tattoos for couples

Anchor tattoos on the wrist are so popular as tattoos infinity symbol, or musical notes. Usually they are tattoos that do not have great details to tattoo, take one ink (black) and can be made so small they do not need to have a big hand to draw an anchor on such sensitive wrist area. Here we can see in the photo, a small tattoos on the wrist of an anchor partner what is called in English anchor tattoo for couple.