Eye Tattoos Windows to the Soul

Eye Tattoos – There are many ideas that arise when seeking a tattoo, but usually already have a specific idea about what it is we want. One of the most popular reasons for tattoos are the eyes, but the design and the idea often becomes complicated because we know that we have tattoos eyes, but do not really know how.

Based on the meaning of the eyes, the type and color, hope to be of help in your quest for the perfect tattoo with this list.

Blue eyes remind us of the infinite blue of the sky, so they are very spiritual and logical eyes. The clear blue eyes relate to people who are guided by your brain and not your heart, as well as independent and people a little cold on the deal. For a look that freezes, nothing like a tattoo blue eyes.

Green eyes of eye tattoos are associated with emerald eyes so they are very mystical and valuable eyes. With regard to the meaning, are less logical that people with blue eyes but also less sensitive than people with brown eyes. They are eyes of artists and artistic people, so if your personality is highly related to the arts and creating a combined tattoo with your discipline (painting, music, etc.) will go great with a pair of green eyes in the design .

Brown eyes are the most emotional and free of logic, the darker more are driven by intuition. Brown-eyed people enjoy life and its simple pleasures like good food, travel and freedom. For a tattoo brown or black eyes that look great in black ink can be worked without any problems.

Eye Tattoos

How you see, the eyes have a meaning beyond being windows to the soul what your eye tattoos will look eyes?