Association of Dolphin Tattoo Ideas with Different Deities

Dolphin Tattoo Ideas – As we have seen in other post dolphins were associated with Apollo and Aphrodite gods in ancient Greece, but were not these the only deities which have been associated so it is possible to see them represented and related to other different cultures such as:

  1. Poseidon (Greek mythology), Neptune (Roman mythology) god of the sea: Condo tattoos dolphin or dolphins generally are associated with Poseidon, commonly represent royalty, government, authority, power, control, freedom, intelligence, compassion and paternal protection especially kingdom creatures of the seas.
  2. Eros (Greek mythology), Cupid (Roman mythology) god of love, fertility and sex: Condo tattoos dolphin or dolphins are generally associated with the god Eros, commonly represent: love, friendship, loyalty, sexuality, desire, exploration, curiosity, attraction and entertainment.
  3. Dionysus (Greek mythology), Bacchus (Roman mythology) god of wine, inspirer of ritual madness and ecstasy, also known as the patron god of agriculture and the theater: I Condo dolphin tattoo ideas or dolphins generally are associated with the god Dionysus, commonly represent cheerfulness, freedom, wildness, abandonment, creativity, sexuality, fertility ecstasy.

According to Greek mythology Dionysus was known to transform into a dolphin and travel to the island of Delphi, where the main cult of worshipers gathered dolphins. The term Delphi or Delphys: Greek word for dolphin tattoo ideas means womb, which incorporates more lunar and feminine attributes dolphins.