Ancient and Sacred Ideas for Aramaic Tattoos

Aramaic Tattoos – According to the website Ancient Scripts, Aramaic was the “international business language this means the old” parts of the Old Testament was written in Aramaic and school believed it could be the language Jesus spoke. It is written in a letter that looks like Arabic, because this language evolved from Aramaic. It gives fans the language, the descendants of this medium and who have strong religious beliefs cause for unusual tattoo.


Ask a tattoo artist to make you a written Aramaic phrase around your forearm. If the Bible is important in your life, choose one of the verses of the Old Testament that are written in Aramaic. As the forearm is a traditional source of strength, think about people wearing their worked biceps, Aramaic tattoos on the forearm is a great place to show feelings strengthen your soul.

A word about the heart

Select a word with deep meaning for you, such as “Love”, “Faith”, “Earth”, “Truth”; see academic sources or a veteran linguist in Aramaic to find the right translation of the Aramaic word. Get an English transliteration of the Aramaic or letter of the word tattooed on your heart to represent keeping the word around you.

A prayer on your back

Tell the tattoo artist to decorate the top of the back with a prayer in Aramaic, a song, a poem or other text. As great with the exotic appearance of Aramaic, which is read from right to left tattoo, will have a dual function, either attracting attention for its size and its nature unreadable. Will give a fascinating secret, since most of those who read it will not know what it says. If you record a large and beautiful Aramaic tattoos with an air of mystery, get a tattoo of a sentence.