History of the Egyptian Tattoo Design

egyptian tattoo pictures designs

Egyptian Tattoo Design – What are considered important pieces of ancient Egyptian history have recovered from living Egyptian skins? In recent years, a British anthropologist has been studying the existing races of man in Egypt and comparing them with their ancestors. Carry Many modern Egyptians in their faces or designs tattooed bodies. One day it […]

Harley Davidson Tattoo Designs

tattoo designs of harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Tattoo Designs – When we think of tattoos, often our first idea is to think of “bikers” and powerful motorcycles, and probably the first motorcycle in which we think is a Harley- Davidson, one of the American symbols of the legendary road and therefore a powerful symbol of liberty. Freedom, as many people […]

Caring for a Tattoo India ink

caring for a fresh tattoo

Caring for a Tattoo – Indian ink is black, carbon-based. It is often used with a sanitized needle tattoos done by yourself at home. With proper aftercare and long-term maintenance, india ink tattoo can last as long as a professional one. In both cases, the aftercare process is basically the same. Instructions and procedure aftercare […]

Moon Tattoo Designs for Women

full moon tattoo designs

Moon Tattoo Designs – The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth, the solar system being the fifth largest. Many people are enchanted moon, some have the tattoo forever. There are several different ways to bring the moon to the skin, such as drawings of the moon, full moon, crescent moon, animated moon […]

Feminine Tattoos for Women

feminine tattoos designs

Feminine Tattoos – Today we share a lot of tattoos for women, tattoos of all types and in different parts of the body so that they can see good examples of how much would this tattoo you were looking for. I leave a small gallery of tattoos for the sail, there are a variety of […]