Small Tattoo Designs for Wrist

tattoo designs for wrist with names

Among the most popular tattoo designs for wrist, we can find letters, either names, words or phrases also different types of birds, dream catcher, hearts, crosses, moons and suns among others. Usually wrists are tattooed in black ink, but it depends on the person adding color or not. Here we show you a lot of […]

Unique Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Tribal Shoulder Tattoos for Men

Each person has different personalities. This keyword is very important for tattoo lovers so that you will not be trapped in a trend that will lead you to something which is not you. The same case will emerge when you are deciding to choose among many shoulder tattoo designs. To go with the latest trend […]

Pigeon Tattoos and Popular Beliefs

pigeon blood tattoos

Pigeon Tattoos – Tattoos pigeons can undoubtedly be the representation of a popular myth or legend. This is usually one of the options most loved people and a resource widely used by tattoo artists. Because of its great geographical and proximity with people these birds have been present in almost all major historical moments of […]

Chest tattoo designs : Musik and Sport

Chest tattoo designs

Chest tattoo designs – Achieving a truly original tattoo nowadays involves a great job, especially if you do not want to lose meaning design. Therefore, if you are looking for originality, but the personal value of the piece is lost, you should try to put all your creativity and personality into it herself. They can […]

Unique small tattoos for women

unique tattoo ideas for women

Small, thin lines, bright colors and minimalist designs are some of the features that come to mind when speaking of unique small tattoos for women. Many women prefer the less ostentatious and smaller tattoos, but despite their size, these tattoos hold great symbolism for their designs and meanings we attribute to the staff. If you […]

Female tattoo designs

female tattoo ideas tumblr

Female tattoo ideas – Selecting tattoos that today I will teach you is somewhat complex or at least I think so, because I do not like tattoos at all to speak of gender, or “male” or ” female “. But anyway, it is undeniable that there are certain designs that are more popular among girls […]

Shoulder Tattoo Ideas over My Shoulder

tattoo shoulder back designs

Shoulder Tattoo Ideas – The shoulder area is a natural place for a tattoo, especially for those just starting their collection of tattoo art. Easily covered with a shirt sleeve or shown with a bikini top, shoulder artist will provides a spacious and well formed by a series of stylized images. When deciding on your […]