Tattoos for Foot and Ankle

Tattoos on feet – Speaking of tattoos for the foot and ankle, almost inevitably, we are obliged to talk about tattoos delicate and complex, that many may consider “feminine designs.” But how true is this? While there are many things to consider when referring to Tattoos on feet and / or ankles, there is great versatility, styles and possibilities, but there are certain complications. Anyway, today I want to talk about tattoos for this area of ​​the body…

Considerations for tattoos on the foot or ankle

Much of the time spent barefoot or in a shoe that allows designs become visible. In fact, those who choose this type of tattoos are aware of this and do expect the ideal time to show off your feet and ankles naked, crowned with attractive tattoos.

The problem in some designs is that both the feet and ankles are a complicated area for tattooing. On the one hand, in terms of pain involving these body parts, partly because this area also complicates the details that will be placed in the design. It means that you can make great detail designs, styles and techniques, only a bit more complicated compared to another, for example, legs or arms.

Popular Tattoo Designs for feet and ankles

What are the most popular designs for foot and ankle? In the first place could not fail to mention another design that was not the ankle. This is one of the sexiest tattoos that are better in that area of the body. They can be classic tribal rows of flowers and stars, chains, etc. . . .

A pair of wings can be something original, one on each side of the ankle, like Mercury, the messenger of the gods. Do not know about you, this I found a very interesting proposal. Finally, one of the most popular among Christians is the rosary.

What do you think this kind of tattoo? Would you get a tattoo on this part of the body? What other ideas can you think of to tattoos on feet or ankles?


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5 Photos of the Tattoos for Foot and Ankle

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