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Phoenix Tattoos for Women

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Phoenix Tattoos – The phoenix is a very important about Greek mythology tattoos symbol. The phoenix is a mythical bird that rises from its own ashes. A tattoo of a phoenix symbolizes rebirth. Legend says that after making its nest, the phoenix every 500 years rises from the ashes. Phoenix tattoos are excellent designs as […]

Delicate Ribbon Tattoos

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Ribbon Tattoos – Ribbons tattoos are especially popular among females. Delicate, sensual or even a gothic or rock and roll edge, tattoos ties or ribbons can be seen very well in different parts of the body.The ribbons and ties have been used for centuries to highlight the flirty, feminine and delicate hand girls and women. […]

Wrist Tattoo Design for Women

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Wrist Tattoo Design – Tattooing is very common flower in tattoo parlance. The truth is that to choose flowers are thousands. However, one of the most preferred designs is the one that currently remains very popular and we are talking about the roses. So beautiful, aromatic and features one of the most popular flowers in […]

The Holy Cambodian Tattoo Designs

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Cambodian tattoo designs – Where the foot is stepped, there the Romans. This proverb seems to me to be able to explain the following: Where we live, there we will learn to master the language, customs, culture and anything to socialize. By socialization is likely to lead to love. For those of you who are […]

Outrageous Animal Tattoos Designs

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Animal Tattoos – For people who are animal lovers there are plenty of design that can either choose to tattoo your pet or your tattoo to remind them of that beloved pet, including the animal you choose can say a little of your personality. Among the most preferred among girls tattoos are tattoos dolphins, these […]