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Tattoos for Foot and Ankle

Tattoos on feet

Tattoos on feet – Speaking of tattoos for the foot and ankle, almost inevitably, we are obliged to talk about tattoos delicate and complex, that many may consider “feminine designs.” But how true is this? While there are many things to consider when referring to Tattoos on feet and / or ankles, there is great […]

Dealing with Foot Tattoo Pain

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If you are considering to have tattoos on your foot, I suggest you to think twice for its pain you are going to deal with. The foot tattoo pain usually stands for more or less ten days. However, if you are the true tattoo lover, I believe that the foot tattoo pain you will have […]

Ideas Tattoo on Foot

tattoo ideas on foot

Ideas Tattoo on Foot – Tattoos are present in different cultures around the world for thousands of years. From then until now, they have evolved considerably. Since the products used and application techniques in performing tattoos, every day can surprise face new opportunities and trends. Another important variable connoisseurs and lovers of the issue considered […]

Awesome of Tattoos On Feet in 2014

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Tattoos on feet have become very popular nowadays, with more women who choose this area for a design on your body. We know that any type of tattoo requires a basic care to prevent the skin from becoming infected, but in the case of tattoos in foot care should be higher. We note that the […]

The Idea of Leg Sleeve Tattoos Designs

Tribal Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Leg Sleeve Tattoos – Today this article will talk about leg sleeve tattoos designs. This design emerges when I read some line in an article. This line said that “It is a common view to professionals these days seeing them in earrings, ponytails, spike hairs and most especially tattoos- making it as their identity.” The […]