The Ancient Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas

lotus flower tattoo designs black

Lotus Flower Tattoo Ideas – Throughout Asia, they believe that the flower of lotus is a powerful sign of spiritual and wisdom inspiration. Lotus flowers arise in murky, dark waters later blossoming into the surface to the sun. Taking various representations of different cultures and adding your own distinctive touch or symbols, tattoo lotus design … [Read more…]

Ideas for a Tinker Bell tattoo

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Tinker Bell Tattoo – Because tattoos are a form of expression, succeed when images of creative works such as books and films are incorporated. Tinker Bell is a fairy bold Peter and Wendy AIDS in the famous book of JM Barrie, “Peter and Wendy” and Disney animated feature film, “Peter Pan” You can get a … [Read more…]

Ideas Angel Tattoos and Their Meaning

ideas of guardian angel tattoos

Ideas Angel Tattoos – Angel tattoo designs in most cases, have very special, deep personal meanings to the people who use them. They may have a purely spiritual and religious people or have many other meanings when combined with other designs, names and symbols meaning. Origins and meanings The word angel is of Latin origin, … [Read more…]

Movie Tattoo Ideas from “Elected”

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Movie Tattoo Ideas – “The elected he” was a film released in 1999 about two Irish brothers tattooed south of Boston taking it taking it to save the world of men they see as “evil”. Film fans can commemorate this message imitating the tattoos worn by siblings or by designing their own tattoos with the … [Read more…]

Religious Tattoo Ideas for Sacred Reminder of Faith

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Religious Tattoo Ideas – Whether own expression of faith or an integral part of their faith , tattoos have been a general form of religious sense for centuries. Due to the multitude of religious beliefs, there is a lot of material to choose from. When choosing a tattoo based on faith, it is important to … [Read more…]