Ten Classic Christmas Toys for Boys

Looking for a perfect gift can be such a difficult task, especially when it comes to boys. It can be hard to figure out what toys boys will really enjoy. If you don’t have any idea on what to get for your boys then here are top ten classic Christmas toys suggestions that will surely make this task easier.

1. GI Joe – This toy soldier is considered classic and still in the top list of Christmas toys.

2. Automoblox Set of 3 Minis- The kit has three small-scale vehicles that is small enough to fit in one’s palm. This is customizable that allows mix-and-match with individual parts and is available in green, red and blue color.

3. Rubik’s Cube – It is considered very famous because it is addictive and very engaging. For the puzzle to be solved, each face must be a solid color.

4. Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear- If your son is a Buzz fanatic then why not give this as a present. This has been one of the most popular Christmas toys in the market.

5. Nintendo Mini Classics – Each mini classics unit has the design of the Nintendo Gameboys. Lots of games are available like Nintendo Super Mario’s Cement Factory and Donkey Kong Jr.

6. Plasma Car Blue by PlaSmart – This is a perfect gift as it helps your boys develop coordination skills and also promotes exercise as a habit.

7. Transformers Movie Figures – Most boys love to have this gift for Christmas as these toys can actually transform.

8. Colored Wooden Building Blocks – A great gift that will enhance your boy’s imagination and creativity. It is a classic toy that is very durable that will surely last.

9 Board Games – Every child has the memory on what board game they first receive on Christmas. This has been a traditional gift and will surely make your boys happy.

10. Wooden Railway Train Set – Today,  trains are still highly desired by children especially the boys, making this a top Christmas gift.

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