Steps on How to Design Your Tattoo Online

If you are planning to have a tattoo, you do not necessarily need to depend on the works of a tattooist to locate the best design that suit you. Though you are not artistically apt, there a range of resources that can be found on the Internet that will let you to design your own tattoo online. All you just need is to choose a basic pattern and design, put some colors, do some adjustments and when done print it.

The tattooist can directly replicate your design from the outline and you will be left with a modified design that you can consider crafted by you. The following are steps on how to design your own tattoo online:

Step #1

Choose the main logo or symbol as your basis. There are countless tattoo designs to select from and you can surely get confused in the world of artistic designs if you waste much of your time surfing through the catalogs and books. Think first what you want the design to represent; will it be your favorite passage, original symbol or simply your initials? Consider also the type of calligraphy that will best illustrate your message.

Step #2

Search for the most known and original designs on the Internet. Once you have settled with the basic idea, search online for tattoo sites that will provide you with statistics of several tattoo designs. The list is normally a result page of the most famous tattoos based on search engines. You will find a complete listing in the search result.

Step #3

Review the flash art of tattoos. This is basically what many tattoo artists do and normally change these basic designs and styles in some means to be able to make a unique design. You can search at flash art of downloadable tattoos for your idea and begin creating your own design from there. There are online sites that will even let you to make your change directly on their sites. And it normally comes on a step by step procedure.

Step #4

Surf the tattoo galleries on the Internet who have designs available for purchase and can be printed. There are many copyrighted designs that are available to be downloaded directly from your desktop. There are designs that will reverberate with and will not require changes. However most of these designs cost $ 15 to $ 20 for each design.

Step #5

Customize it. After you have chosen your design and color, customization will be your next step. Let your creativeness work on this part. You can use Adobe Photoshop or any other programs to have it done.

Step #6

Have it inked on your skin. Take your created design to a tattooist. Search for recommendation if you possibly can and take your design with you. The tattooist might say modifications or suggestions, but remember that some will need you to make use of their copyrighted designs so plan for a preliminary meeting first.

After the not so painful inking activity, you can now be proud of your own design forever. And of course be proud that you were able to design your own tattoo online.

Nathaniel Givens has studied tattoos for over a decade. He’s written several eBooks on the subject and has a website at He loves to share his knowledge on tattoos especially on how to design your own tattoo online.

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