Why You Must Design Your Own Tattoo

Design your own tattoo

The Net is indeed a good place to start searching if you want to design your own tattoo. If you are smart, then you will use as much of the free advice offered on the Internet as you can. But consider the tattoo sites that charge as well. It is there that you will find an amazing amount of patterns to Design your own tattoo If by some chance you do not actually end up getting of those tattooed, they still provide a great starting point to design your own tattoo. A word of warning. I worked in a studio doing tattoos for years, and I have in person seen a great many individuals with what was sold to them as a “Custom Tattoo”, when it was nothing more than unknown flash art.

You can avoid this if you Design your own tattoo If an tattoo artist just sits down and draws something for you in a few minutes, you can bet it is something he has done many times earlier. What was the year of your birth, and the time of the year? Numerous individuals select the symbol of their star sign, donĀ“t forget that your zodiac sign is not only represented by a figure, for example the scales for a Libra but it also contains a symbol ,which in this case is the Ohm. In tattoo studios, it is a well known joke that almost all of the Japanese symbols that are tattooed on individuals have little to no match with the description of the Japanese symbols on the wall. As we observed in the earlier paragraph, if you feel powerfully enough about it, you could consider getting your wedding band tattooed around your finger. It will for sure be cheaper than purchasing the real thing if costs are an issue for getting married, but you can not take that one off nearly so quickly.

You actually will have this band for life so make sure your chosen spouse is 100% Mr or Mrs Right. While you will not lose a tattooed wedding ring, this just goes to show you how much thinking should actually go into having a tattoo. You should research it. Then think carefully about where and what you will have on your body. Numerous individuals indiscriminately pick out designs from any sheet of flash on the wall that catches their eye, or the one proposed by the tattoo artist. If you suppose you will be satisfied with the readily available design, please deliberate that it does not reflect much of your personality, and numerous others will frequently have the same design.

The long and short of it is, if you need a tattoo that you can be proud of, and if you want it to be a unique tattoo, your best bet is to design your own tattoo. There are a few websites that allow you design your own tattoo. Then a temporary tattoo is created from your design and it will be sent to you so that you can actually see what the design you created looks like on your body.

I will follow this with another article on why you should design your own tattoo in a little while. Please visit my website to learn more about how you can design your own tattoo.

I have worked in the tattoo industry for a very long time, and thought I would share.

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