Dove Tattoo Design – Profound Meanings of Dove Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs portray various meanings. An image of a bird, take for instance a dove, would connote different interpretations. It may signify peace, freedom, happiness, and even love. Also, others perceive it to denote aspects on the after-life. It may be about ones purity of soul or a soaring dove depicts the journey in the spirit world. The eagle on the other hand would project strong-willed convictions and of masculine representations.

One aspect in the bible describes how a dove gave Moses that green parch of leaves to say that there is already life thriving after the great flood. The scene itself would mean that a dove is the bearer of hope during times when life seemed to be bleak. This same meaning is handed down to different people of different nationalities to where during times of war or crisis, they represent hope and freedom to a dove. Others would draw it the same way as it was in the bible – a dove with a twig of leaves in its beak. Tattoo enthusiasts also consider this a very symbolic design that they also result to having the same mark inked in their bodies.

The love for a departed loved one is also represented with a dove. To eternally be reminded of that loved one, some people would have a tattoo of a dove alongside someone’s name. In certain ways, having that kind of representation is a way of thinking that the soul is at peace and has crossed over to the after-life without hardships. Also, it represents that the living has already accepted the passing of the loved one.

Although dove symbols might somehow be related more to the feminine feature, however it does not often mean tenderness or gentleness. Doves are also used to project strong convictions such as freedom and peace; a status that can be acquired through harsh means such as war or bloody battles. In this sense, this design is one of the famous kinds in the tattoo business. Aficionados of all ages, any nationality used this design to convey peace, hope, freedom, intense love, spirituality, and simply the reminder of their acceptance to a passing of a dear one.

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