Flower Tattoo Designs – Know the Meaning

Among the reasons why people have their tattoos remove is because they do not know the symbolism behind the design of their tattoo. When you choose your tattoo design based on aesthetics and form alone without going deeper and understanding what it means to the culture that popularized it, you will run the risk of being saddled with a tattoo which symbolism you probably do not believe in or worse hated it. Since flower designs are among the most popular of tattoo designs, and since women in general are the most fickle, I have listed here the most common flower tattoo designs and what they stand for.

Cherry Blossoms

Japan is known for its cherry blossom seasons. You will see countless photos on the web how beautiful it is when it is early spring and cherry blossoms abound. This delicate flower blooms for a very short period. It is this delicate nature which Japanese attribute to cherry blossoms. It symbolizes therefore about how fleeting and temporary life is. The Chinese on the other hand, see the cherry blossom as a symbol of feminine power.

Rose Tattoo

Roses have always been a symbol of love. While it does not say anything about the permanence of love, it does symbolize that love has its share of trials. A rose tattoo speaks about the goodness of love, about being in love. A rose tattoo with thorns speaks about the complexity of love and relationship as a whole.


The lotus flower has major significance in both Buddhist and Hindu religion. The mystical nature of these eastern religion cloaks the lotus with qualities that are pure and spiritual. The lotus pose which is familiar in meditative circles speaks of belief in harmony with the self and with nature.


If you are familiar with jasmine, you will know that it has a lingering fragrance that quickly spreads even when it is no longer there. It is this nature of jasmine that makes it also a symbol of deep love. It reassures of a love that is faithful and constant even when the lover is not around.


Orchids are among the world’s beautiful flower. In the tattoo world, although it also means love, it also signifies sex and reproduction.


The white color of the Lilly symbolizes purity and innocence.


Sunflowers symbolizes the eternal love for the sun or of the Divine Being.

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