Tiny and giant newborn babies


Generally, the average newborn baby is about 51cm (20 inches) long and weighs approximately 2700 to 4000 grams (6 to 9 pounds). However, in many parts of the world exist tiny as well as giant newborn babies.

400-gram baby

A premature newborn baby who weighed only 413 grams lived through the most dangerous first 100 hours of her life. The girl baby, 26 cm tall, was only the size of the hand of an average grown-up. She was one of a pair of boy-girl twins who had only spent 23 weeks and 4 days in their mother’s womb. According to Children’s Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai, doctors had to work hard to prevent infection, maintain metabolism, and ensure her nutrition.

A group of experienced doctors and nurses carefully looked after the infant round the clock

One-kilo baby

Born in a hospital of Hubei province, China, one-kilo baby was still completely healthy. This baby ate well in good condition, but the doctor still kept little baby in the glass cage to monitor the development.

A nurse takes care of a baby girl who weighed only 1kg

She was born in Hubei Province in central China on January 23, 2010

6.4-kilo baby

Richard Walker Sault was born on December 23, 2008 in Laguna Hills, California. Sault weighed 6.4 kilos. Sault is considered the largest baby delivered in Orange County.

The newborn shocked hospital staff when he tipped the scales at 6.4 kilos

8.7-kilo baby

An Indonesian woman gave birth to an 8.7kg baby boy at a public hospital in North Sumatra province. The baby boy, 62cm long, cried louder than other babies. “This heavy baby made the surgery really tough, especially the process of taking him out of his mum’s womb. “His legs were so big.” a doctor said.

8.7kg baby boy is the heaviest newborn ever recorded in Indonesia

Six-month-old baby weighs 20 kilos

An Iran baby boy was born at 3 kilos. Then he weighed up to 11kg when only 3 months old, and later 20kg when he was 6 months old. His parents say that he drinks his mother’s milk for an hour a day, which should be the main cause for his being big.

The baby weighed 20kg when he was 6 months old.

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