The Coolest Sleeve Tattoo Designs For 2009

Tattoos have hit the prime time in a big way. They are all over the TV on shows like Inked and the more popular Miami Ink. You can find tons of videos, pictures and just about anything to do with tattoos on the internet. Tattoo Conventions are bursting at the seams as more and more people appreciate this gritty art form from the street. Thus had lead to an increasing number of people getting bigger and bigger tattoo designs and get more and more tattoo work done on their body. Thus today it is becoming pretty common for guys and even gals to have sleeve tattoos. Thus leads to the natural discussion of what Sleeve Tattoo Designs are best and where can you get your design done.

Of course any time a person talks, writes or reads about tattoos it has to be taken through their own personal filter. It is an art form after all and what one might think is the perfect tattoo might not be right for another person. This article examines some of the most common and cool sleeve tattoo designs. However, it is not exhaustive and it is meant merely to give ideas and suggestions. The best tattoos are the ones that a person creates with their own unique ideas and visions and then working closely with a tattoo artist makes these ideas come to life.

Japanese Sleeve Tattoo Designs
The Japanese have been involved with tattoo ink permanently on to a person’s body for centuries now. They have a very old, rich and traditional culture and their tattoos are now less meaningful. They have produced some of the most incredible body suit tattoos which often include sleeve tattoos. Thus they have a long tradition of sleeve tattoo designs. Many of these designs have been accepted in the west and in fact some of the most popular tattoo artists and designs today are from traditional Japanese tattoos. Probably the most common of these is the koi fish tattoo. These make a great sleeve design with a large goldish/orange fish swimming upstream and splashing the water. These designs symbolism strength, power and individualism. The Hanya masks used in traditional Japanese Noh performances are also a very popular design. The mask is typically very evil and scary looking and is meant as a symbol of protection and to ward off bad spirits. For the women in the group and the men also another very popular Japanese design is the Cherry blossom tattoo which can also be done very easily as a sleeve design.

Flames And Skulls Designs

Flames and skull have always been a very popular theme within tattooing. For those who love hot rods and racing or living life to the fullest flame and skulls can work very well into a tattoo design. Flames are very colorful and of course look great when integrated into a sleeve tattoo design. Starting down at the wrist and then burning up the arm.

Dragon Tattoo Designs
Dragon tattoos are also very popular and look great as a full sleeve or even a half or quarter sleeve tattoo design. They can start down low on the forearm and weave their way up the arm and onto the top of the chest or shoulder area. The only decisions you have to make here is do you want a more Western and medieval times looking dragon or a Chinese dragon design but either way you cannot go wrong with a dragon design for a sleeve tattoo.

These of course just represent three of the most common trends for sleeve tattoo designs. It is merely meant to spark your own ideas and creative thoughts. So go out and look at other peoples tattoos and find some sleeve tattoo designs that work for you as resources. Then combine together all of the materials, pictures, ideas and designs you like and find a talented tattoo artist to work up the final design. Looking at tattoo galleries and flash sites online can really help generate some ideas to work with. Also you can check out this incredible and tattoo design blog for more ideas.

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