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It’s a well known fact that guys are harder to buy for than girls. But are they impossible? I certainly don’t think so. The longer I am in the gift industry, the more creative juices I see flowing. The latest one I saw that grabbed my interest was how you can use your man’s love of all things Holden or Ford to spark your creativity in gift giving.

We all know that there are plenty of mugs, keyrings, and mouse pads available in every car brand imaginable probably from first hand experience, as you have probably given him every one of these as previous birthday or Christmas presents!

So how do we get outside of the box? What creative present ideas for men are out there that you have not yet discovered?

I know we just determined that mugs are always given, but there are ways to spruce this gift up. Rather than giving a regular Holden or Ford mug, go for one that has flashing LED lights as the headlights of the car. Or if he’s one of those crazy coffee drinkers who needs twice the amount of caffeine as anybody else, find a jumbo Holden mug that will get him revved up!

Custom Designed Framed Prints
I saw one of these prints be done recently, and was amazed as I watched the process. I saw the original photo the client submitted, the specifications of wheels, colour paint, and the custom licence plate. Then I saw it come out the other end of the process as a stunning framed print the wheels had been custom drawn, the paint specifications matched perfectly, and there was no mistaking whose car it was with the personalized licence plate. The customer was happy with it, and I was amazed at the quality of work I saw done! It was given as a Christmas gift to the guy, and well, all I can say is that this was one pretty lucky fellow.

Bar Runners and Drinkware
If your man has a bar and a Holden, the combination is perfect. Spruce up his bar with everything Holden there are some great commorative bar runners out there the last of the Big Bangers, Brock bar runners, and other historic icons. Get matching drinkware to boot, and you’ll have made his day!

BBQ Pack
Maybe he doesn’t need all the gadgets to go on his car and he doesn’t want anymore dust collectors…but most blokes love to have a good BBQ each year (or many!), and as he gathers around the BBQ with his mates, they’ll have a good chin wag why not provide something he’ll be proud to talk with the guys about? Holden and Ford (or any other automotive company that produces licensed merchandise) often put out BBQ packs, including BBQ aprons, mitts, and sometimes even BBQ sauce. These packs would make great present ideas for men, as it combines their interest with their social bent.

Wall Clocks
I’m not just talking about the tick-tick-tick wall clocks. I’m talking about ones that every hour make that glorious V8 rev sound, the ones that send chills up your spine with the glorious sound…ok, so considering it will mainly be women reading this article, perhaps we don’t have that response but I can almost guarantee you that your man will!

Gear for Work
Almost anything could fit into this category…a Ford esky for his lunch, a Holden desk set, cufflinks, tie pins, baseball hats, Peter Brock and the Bathurst 1000 t-shirts…you name it.

Jackie Turner works for His Gifts, a mens presents shop with the aim of helping you find great present ideas for men.

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