Bedlington Terrier – Tiny Killer

The tiny but terrible Bedlington Terrier originated all the way from England – formerly known as the Rothbury Terrier (it’s said that it was bred on the Rothbury district). This is the end result of the cross of two dog breeds, namely: A Bedlington female dog and a Rothbury male. The offspring of the two was a small, fuzzy, and adorable pooch – it could weigh anywhere from 17 to 23 pounds and stand at an average of 16 inches, depending on its gender. The fur was short and “sheep like”, usually coming in the color white. Many owners of this breed say that it resembles a stuffed toy; after seeing the animal, I now share the same opinion.

But don’t let this beautiful canine fool you with its irresistible looks and small size – they pack a lot of heart and are quite powerful considering their build. People back in England used it for hunting game. It had a good sense of smell, silent movements, and good agility, making it a “moderately great” hunting dog. What kind of prey did the Bedlington Terrier track down? Nothing big – just hares, badgers, and foxes. It was made not to engage with the beasts, only locate them and keep them occupied until the hunter shows up and pops a bullet into their skulls.

Being “not so big” had its advantages: they were able to move swiftly inside the households of the English people to catch and kill pesky rats. They hate those little suckers with all their hearts, proving themselves to be a lot more effective than some mouse traps and rat killing balls. The problem with the stated instruments of death was they left the vermin dead somewhere in the house that can’t be found right away and/or is out of reach. You’ll be living with the awful smell for a few days – something you don’t want to put up with. The Bedlington Terrier is so tough and full of courage that it too, like the other big and aggressive dog breeds, that it was actually used in brutal dog fighting pits.

It’s hard to imagine the little guy sinking its teeth into another animal (easier to imagine it the other way around), but facts speak for themselves. When the blood sport was finally banned and put to an end, the Bedlington Terrier was made useful with the miners – they had tons of rats everywhere and were in dire need of an expert rat killer. Time progressed, and in a matter of years, it was became a popular house pet. They are very playful and just love children – it can play for hours with its owners; retired people with not much to do would just adore this pooch.

They are also very affectionate and lively – you won’t be having a dull moment with it. One thing to consider before getting one for homeownership is having a fence put up around the property of the house so that it doesn’t wander off to far – they are full of energy and curiosity, which could take it miles away from you. They also love digging, which can or won’t be a problem for you – if it is, it can always be trained with the right dog training methods to rid it of such behavior. The Bedlington Terrier will make a great pet for almost anyone.

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